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9:51 p.m. - 2020-03-10
I can’t believe d land still exists
I can’t believe my diary entries are still out here somewhere with all my banal weird shit in it
I am now very nearly (fucking) 40!!!
I started this diary when I was 20/21... wtaf
Seems there’s a few diary names I recognise
And they are still lurking around fairly recently like the last 3-4 yrs or so
Reason for returning?
And feeling lost

My mum died about 18 months ago
That rocked my boat
My kids are like huge now... two fully fledged mini adults finishing sch onto college v soon
Have another kid too. Don’t think she was ever mentioned as she was born in 2011.
So yeah years have been busy, can’t complain too much... stuff has been up and down but watched others go through lots more...
I need to touch on a subject when I’m brave enough but basically it’s making me feel unhappy and lonely hence being back to my soul searching here

And this bloody Coronavirus is making me so anxious. I’m a rational-ish person but yeah the media is terrifying me! Well done bbc, every news bulletin and article


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